The Beginning

I often times refer to Baja as my Buddhist teacher. Life in Baja has taught me more about the universal principles of Buddhism than any other type of meditation or galangalanga gong and incense filled workshop or sweaty Bikrahm yoga fart box. Ever since college I have tried to read and learn about as many spiritual disciplines as possible in an attempt to find peace and happiness. I even fell in love ewith a Kabbalist in hopes that he would help me climb the Tree of Life, unfortunately I had to break up with him to get down. I have tried to quiet my monkey mind in countless different ways. I have tried to embrace the present and accept the impermanence of it all. I have tried to separate my mind and body from my soul. I have tried to be happy and grateful while embracing suffering as an inevitable human construct. I have tried time and time again to live a good, productive, compassionate life and just as soon as I think I have finally figured it out the universe places a giant stinky pile in my lap. Of all the spiritual practices I have tried, it is living in this remote wild wild west known as Baja that has taught me to sift through la mierda and find that blessing in disguise. For it is Baja that has revealed to me that the stinkier the pile, the bigger the diamond.

By sharing these tales of triumph and tragedy I hope that in some little way they might impart a hint of wisdom or insight that this magical transformative place known as Baja Mexico has bestowed upon myself, my family, and the myriad guests who have dared cross the border and driven through that purgatory known as Tijuana. The names have been changed except for my own and my mother’s and permission has been granted by all included in these prophetic tales which are as true as the Bible.

Within every parable, prayer, and prophetic poem lies a seed of truth that has been planted, cared for and fertilized with some sort of shit. My apologies if my candid and often times crude form of communication evokes any form of hurt, pain, or discomfort. Just know that the intention is unconditional love and complete acceptance. I challenge you, the reader, to ask yourself in those moments of exasperation and lewd guffaw to find the catalyst of that enzymatic truth which resonates throughout your being and to stay open to the idea that whatever query your psyche poses, the answer is and will always will be love.