Crocodile Cove

Puerto Escondido

This long sandy beach leads to ocean caves on the S.E. side and is usually filled with sea lions playing. It is a 20-30 minute hike from the property. You may also drive to the trail head to make the trip easier into the cove which is about 15 minutes. You must descend a 30% incline with a marine rope to get to the beach.

La Jolla Beach Camp & Hot Springs

La Jolla Beach Camp is perfect for those who want a long sandy beach with services like boogy board rentals, food, showers, and secured parking. They also have a hot springs that run under the beach (only at low tide). Simply bring a shovel and dig out your own hot tub  while watching the sunset or having a cerveza.  The beach camp is an easy 20 minute drive from Baja Off the Grid.